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Two mothers gave birth after I saw and heard a child.

Without ever hearing him say a word he spoke to me. He said, “I am the fifth fallen angel. You’ve served me well, and you will serve me again.”


I felt something coming down the hallway in my house. I say I woke up, but my body didn’t wake up. My body was lying in bed. I rolled out of my body and looked up. Standing there was what may have been an angel, but his face was solid black. His hair was solid black. Where his hands were was black holes. He had on a white-looking robe with a black dinginess over it. Without ever hearing him say a word he spoke to me. He said, “I am the fifth fallen angel. You’ve served me well, and you will serve me again.” There was something inside me like a lightning ball that shot out of me toward the angel. By the time, it reached him he was gone.

It happened once more after that. I had gone to see my family for the weekend and had come back. I was sitting on a picnic table, and to my left, the wind was blowing some trees. It was just about dark. As the wind blew I saw this same image standing there. I could see the cape he was wearing was being blown by the same wind. It looked like he had a sword. He told me, “If you don’t serve me, I’m gonna kill your family.” I said, “No you’re not.” About that time, whatever it [power] was that was inside me the first time was released, and again, the being was gone by the time it reached him. This time, I felt I had some control over the power in me, unlike the first time, which seemed like God taking over for my protection [from evil].

A friend of mine lives in Knoxville, TN. He and his wife had been married for over seven years. We stopped by to see them in their one-hundred year-old house. As we stood in the home’s big, wide hallway, praying together, simple prayers of blessing, prayers of safety until we get to see them again, business blessings, etc. Suddenly I hear down inside my spirit, the pitter patter of little feet in this house. When we get through praying I look at this lady that had experienced two abortions, and does not have the anatomical parts to have a child (Her last abortion was with a coat hanger.), I look at her and say, “I hear the pitter-patter of little feet in this house.” She said, “Oh, I wish it was so. You know, we’ve been married seven years, and we’ve asked God, “If it’s your will, we’ll have a baby.” We’ve never had one, so evidently it’s not his will. I said, “I’m just telling you. I hear the pitter patter of little feet in this house coming down this hallway behind me.” That was in November. We leave.

After our November visit, at a New Year’s Eve dinner at our house, this lady says, “Oh, by the way, I know what the pitter-patter that you heard while we prayed was. I said, “What’s that?” She said, “The other day I was washing dishes, and I heard the two little Black Lab puppies that someone gave us, coming down the hallway. Their feet were going pitter-patter. I said, “That’s what Brother Ed heard.’” I looked at her and said, “No, that’s not what I heard.” That was the first day of January. The following Saturday the phone rang. It was her. She said, “Hello.” My first words to her, were, “When is it due?” She says, “My, gosh. I was pregnant last week when I was laughing at you.” His name is Matthew.

A friend of ours, who is now my daughter’s mother-in-law, had three sons by three different husbands, and two daughters by another husband. Her husband had two daughters by two different wives. I don’t think they were in the market for more children. On one occasion, we were visiting their home. As we were ready to leave, I asked for us to say a word of prayer before leaving. So, we joined hands and began to pray. While we were praying, I saw a little blonde-headed boy running across the back yard in the *broom straw. I told this lady, “I see a little blonde-headed boy running across your back yard.” She looked straight at me and said, “We don’t need any more children.” I said, “Well, I’m telling you what I saw.”

Two months later I came home from work, and my wife said, “You were right.” I said, “What’s that?” She said, “She’s pregnant.” I said, “Really? Cool!” She was pregnant, with her tubes tied and burned. Was it my faith that did that? Or was it the fact that I was willing to say what I heard in my spirit? And was it the fact that God put life to the words he had spoken to me in my spirit? How many times do we miss it when we don’t speak what we hear? Jesus said, “I only do what I see Him [Father] do. I only say what I hear Him say.” Many times we put our two cents worth in it, and we don’t get anything out of it because we don’t have the [courage] to say what we hear God say.

*a tall growing straw, bout 3ft to 4ft high, that poor people used to make brooms sweep floors with

Ed - Two mothers gave birth after I saw and heard a child.