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Desperation Brought This Couple Together


Addicted to drugs and searching for a new modeling gig, Will moved to LA and needed a place to stay. Ranae needed someone to love after her career was devastated by scandal, so she took him in. They fell in love, then fell in...

Former Dancer Returns to Clubs as Missionary.


At 18 Nadia turned her back on her strict adoptive parents and began a dark journey away from God.

A Twin Lives Through an Abortion.

Claire Culwell

My name is Claire Culwell, and I am an abortion survivor.

Single, Ready, and Waiting.

Tanika Chambers

Tanika Chambers is the Founder of Single, Ready & Waiting a ministry that prepares, informs and encourages singles to make God-honouring choices in their relationships.

Woman Cries Tears of Joy After Miraculous Eye Healing.


Following laser eye surgery, Jaye’s eyes developed chronic dryness and became painful. It was difficult for her to work, but a miracle would soon change everything.

Finding Love in a Destroyed Marriage

Brandie and Dustin

Brandie and Dustin married at a young age and never really developed a strong foundation for their marriage. As they each put more emphasis on career above one another, Brandie entered into an affair with a coworker.

1 to 10 of 37 results.