Share Hope

Share stories of hope

God has given us a crazy-big vision to reach our nation and the world through the power of digital media, video and personal “God stories.”

Here’s How It works: 

We find, film, and produce “God stories.” Then, we distribute these videos by purchasing digital ads. While unsuspecting viewers are watching videos online, they run straight into a story of how Jesus Christ is changing lives today. 

Here’s The Impact:

Last year, nearly 5 million people watched these “God stories,” and on average, over 500 people clicked to the “Finding God” page every month, where they can watch a video salvation message, talk with someone on the phone or chat with someone immediately. This proves that people are hungry for hope and searching for the truth of the Gospel.

Here’s How You Can Help:

Millions of Americans who otherwise would not hear or even care to hear are now hearing the Gospel. Millions are ready to put their trust in Jesus Christ. Will you help reach the hungry and hurting by getting involved with ComeOnLetsGo? Click “Get Involved” to learn how you can help them to encounter the message of the Gospel.